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hot, big-tittied awesomeness seaking french guy with limited body odor and even more limited english to bang for one-night only. only serious offers entertained

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Studying once again...
Is it may yet?? Man..I cannot wait to be done studying and have a life again! Anyways, I am hunched over a book and feeling super unmotivated and kind of over this whole studying concept, that's where you, the cute boy, come into play. I am looking for a cute, smart, witty , and funny guy to distract me a bit so as to make studying less tiresome. Where are you cute Craigslist boys?? This girl is waiting for you and plus you never know my grade may depend on you ;)

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Back on CL
Here we go again. I have had some luck on CL so why not try again? Yes, there are a lot of reasons not to try again, butnhope springs eternal, right? So what am I looking for? Single, white professional. Over 40 and prefer pretty close to DC......I commute to work and would rather not commute to a relatiosnhip.Not to cop out on mynad but for some reason my iPad isn't enlarging my text so I can't see a thing I am typing.More later......

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Hey, my hubby isn't home for a couple of days, he's in a behavorial center! He cheated on me and beat the fuck out of me tonight and all the cops did was take him to the hospital! WTF? Anyone up for chat? Hit me up I'm bored and very horny!

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Hey guys im a secy female latina with a frame of 5/1 and weigh 110 my roommate should be up in 3 hours want to fuck someone before they get up hurry ;) swnd pic of cock and you